How to Select Domain Name for Blog

Choosing a domain name is the first and major step which decides the future of your blog.
Domain  names are the identity of every blog and how to select domain name for blog must be apply on choosing it.
Deciding of domain name of blog is just like to give the name to newly born baby.
I always take help from top blogs which contains guide and how to select domain name for blog.
Great research on the net about domain names of the successful blog is common task of my starting of new blogs.
Here I am sharing the how to select domain name for blog which I always follow to give name to my blog.
Domain name means –
In - is a domain name
Tips to select domain name

How to Select Domain name for Blog

1 – Prefer Dot com Domains
Dot com ( .com) domain name is the most preferable domain name extension. Most of the peoples like to read the sites with dot com domain names. This is my personal study and research.
2 – Search Unique Domain names
Unique name is very important at the time of selection of domain name.
For example – 
Means the name should not already taken by any one in other extension. This will give you original identity in eyes of search engines as well as readers.
3 – Domain Must be Related
Your domain name should be related to the subject of blog.
Example – our domain name name is which gives the readers free blog tips about blogging.
4 – Use Small Domain names
Your domain name should be small of minimum 1 word and maximum 2 words to killer start up. Most of the successful web portals have very small domain name like,, etc.
5 – Meaningful Domain names
Domain name have some meaning and It should be easy to pronunciate and easy to remember.
This will give you mouth publicity for your blog. It is my favourite tips to select domain name for blog.
6 – Domain with Keywords
Use Keyword in your domain name, that will give you high ranking in search of your keyword.
Example – in – Keyword is ‘ Blogging tips ‘ and ‘ Blogging Tricks ‘ .
I always use these above tips to select domain name for my new blogs. I would like to suggest the readers of this post these tips to select domain name to consider at the time of deciding their domain name for new blogs. Most of the peoples who like and apply my recommended tips to select domain name achieve their goal of successful blogs.
Thanks for reading tips to select domain name for blog. StaY tuned with Blogging masters to be a Master in blogging. 


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